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Midway through Giving Tuesday is a great time to take a pause and learn about one more of the dynamic people who makes up the USBC Board of Directors.

Each of their unique stories reflects back to us why we are in this work, and why our efforts to transform the landscape of breastfeeding support are so important.

We know you are passionate about support for babies and families, but we notice that you have not yet made a donation.

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Today, we spotlight Dr. Sekeita Lewis-Johnson, DNP, FNP-BC, IBCLC, &
Elected Director of the USBC Board

Dr. Sekeita Lewis-Johnson's story is one of passion and perseverance. Sekeita is one of the Founding Members of Southeast Michigan IBCLCs of Color, owner of Mommy and Me Lactation Consulting, LLC, and new Elected Director on the USBC Board of Directors!

Sekeita's experiences as a sister, a mother, a nurse, and a lactation support provider have shaped her into a dedicated and passionate advocate for just policies, health care practices, reproductive justice, and culturally responsive care.

Baby James, Sekeita's brother, tragically passed away from SIDS

Baby Lex, Sekeita's first child, shares a birthday with Baby James

When Lex was born, I was living in Maryland away from family and friends – my breastfeeding journey was extremely challenging which led to mixed emotions initially, and many many many tears. Mastitis and chronic yeast almost did me in! Thanks to good ole gentian violet; garlic pills, acidophilus...we weathered the storm.

Sekeita went on to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and by the time her third child was born, James Carter Lewis Johnson, the namesake of her father and brother, she was no longer modest when it came to breastfeeding. He is the only baby she has a picture with while feeding. 

Sekeita did not stop there. Despite facing challenges and biases in the workplace, she earned her doctorate in nursing practice. Over the course of her impressive career, Sekeita previously served as President of the Black Mothers' Breastfeeding Association's Executive Board. Currently, she serves as the Lead Nurse Planner and Instructor for Lactation Education Resources.

Sekeita breastfeeding her youngest son, James Carter Lewis Johnson

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sekeita has continued providing critical and compassionate lactation support to families, including home visiting. 

In honor of all those who share Sekeita's purpose, passion, and perseverance in support of breastfeeding families, please take the next step and show your support for the USBC by making a donation today

They are what USBC is about. They make us shine.

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U.S. Breastfeeding Committee

Home visiting looks different during the pandemic!


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